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Unique Elephant Conservation Experience, August 3-13, 2022

Once in a Lifetime!

Where: Kariega Game Reserve, South Africa. When: August 3-13, 2022

As an elephant conservation volunteer, you can help Bring The Elephant Home and Kariega Game Reserve with a new exciting research project focusing on range expansion and elephant wellbeing in South Africa. You will have a once in a lifetime experience of joining an elephant collaring operation! As the reserve is preparing for range expansion, we will collar six elephants to track their movement and assist in monitoring their behaviour, before and after fence removal. During this extraordinary itinerary, you will actively participate in elephant identification, monitoring elephant behaviour, the collaring of elephants, and recording data on the elephants that will be fitted with a collar. Besides the dedicated vets and Kariega’s ecologists and rangers, you will work with three elephant researchers of Bring The Elephant Home.

Will you join this unique expedition?

Bring The Elephant Home is now recruiting max 7 elephant conservation expedition participants to help collar elephants, collect and analyse elephant behaviour data, as well as other activities, thereby making a valuable contribution to elephant conservation and management. During your stay, you will have a unique opportunity to learn about elephant behaviour and conservation challenges and activity contribute to sustainable solutions!

Elephant conservation expedition activities

You will get involved in multiple activities, which may vary from:

  • Track and identify wild elephants.
  • Observe and participate in collaring elephants.
  • Use new elephant conservation technology.
  • Record elephant behaviour.
  • Contribute to elephant identification kit and database.
  • Other tasks to support elephant conservation: (social) media, website, graphic design, etc.

Other benefits

  • Regular game drives (4 times a week) with expert guides.
  • Endless possibilities to emerge yourself in nature, form meaningful connections, and observe natural animal behaviour. 
  • Besides many opportunities to observe elephants, you will be exposed to numerous other species such as lions, rhinos, buffalos, giraffes and zebras.
  • Gain experience at an international conservation organisation.
  • Stay at a beautiful location surrounded by wildlife. 
  • Network opportunities with like-minded people and collaboration with local partner organisations.

Elephant conservation expedition participant qualifications

The most important requirements are that you are passionate about elephants and people, and motivated to make a real change. We especially welcome people who:

  • Are independent, have great team spirit and dependability
  • Have an optimistic and flexible attitude
  • Have the ability to think in terms of creative and practical solutions.
  • Speak and write English proficiently
  • Are aged over 21 years old

We welcome a maximum of 7 elephant conservation expedition participants with different skills and experiences useful for all activities. A few examples of skills we value: science (e.g. social, animal behaviour or environmental), communication, GIS, analysing tracking data, (conservation) education, social media, app development, and more.

Not ticking all the boxes?

If you are super motivated but not sure if you can meet all the requirements, you might be able to help us reach our goals in a different way. Please contact us with your ideas and we can discuss the possibilities.

All funds raised from participating in this unique experience will contribute to elephant research and conservation projects. 

We look forward to your application!

Where: Kariega Game Reserve, South Africa. When: August 3-13, 2022

Application and selection process

  • You can express your interest through this form.
  • After the application, we will contact you with more information about the program.
  • We will make a selection of suitable applicants and inform you personally. 
  • Before we can confirm your stay, we would like to have a video call to get to know you better, talk about your preferred activities, and decide which tasks would suit you. 
  • As soon as possible after meeting you we will confirm whether you can join the program.
  • In case of any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

Please express your interest as soon as possible!

Where: Kariega Game Reserve, South Africa. When: August 3-13, 2022

Program costs

10 days: 2.500 euros ($ 2,700).

We can provide all applicants with personal fundraiser pages so you can raise financial support for your contribution to elephant conservation and limit your personal costs.

  • This includes shared accommodation at Kariega Conservation Center, all meals, coffee/tea/water, (limited) internet access, boma area with a campfire, braai, and rockpool.
  • Participation in a once in a lifetime opportunity to help track, identify and assist in collaring elephants!  
  • All game drives in the beautiful Kariega Game Reserve and participating in elephant behaviour research. 
  • The participation fee excludes flights, land transfers, and personal expenses (e.g. local SIM card, activities on days off, snacks, etc).

All funds raised from participating in this unique experience will contribute to elephant research and conservation projects. 

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