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Research South Africa

Where: Kariega Game Reserve, South Africa. When: February 23 – March 4 2023

As an elephant research volunteer, you can help Bring The Elephant Home and Kariega Game Reserve with a new exciting research project focusing on range expansion and elephant well-being in South Africa. As the reserve is preparing for range expansion, we have collared six elephants to track their movement and assist in monitoring their behaviour, before and after fence removal. You will actively participate in tracking elephants, elephant identification, and monitoring elephant behaviour. Besides the dedicated vets and Kariega’s ecologists and rangers, you will work with two elephant researchers of Bring The Elephant Home.

Will you join this unique expedition?

Bring The Elephant Home is now recruiting max eight elephant research volunteers to help collect and analyse elephant behaviour data, as well as other activities, thereby making a valuable contribution to elephant conservation and management. During your stay, you will have a unique opportunity to learn about elephant conservation strategies and actively contribute to sustainable solutions!

Elephant conservation expedition activities

You will get involved in multiple activities, which may vary from:

  • Track and identify wild elephants.
  • Use new elephant conservation technology.
  • Record elephant behaviour.
  • Contribute to elephant identification kit and database.
  • Other tasks to support elephant conservation: (social) media, website, graphic design, etc.

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News and updates

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