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BTEH is dedicated to the well-being and survival of African and Asian elephants, fostering socio-ecological resilience in communities seeking human-elephant coexistence, and striving for a world where both elephants and people can thrive. Our community-based conservation approach, developed since BTEH’s founding in 2004, emphasises shared decision-making, sustainability, equality, and partnerships. Through our projects, we promote evidence-based solutions that achieve human-elephant coexistence through range expansion, habitat restoration and supporting farmers in elephant-friendly livelihoods and land use, generating benefits for people, elephants and the ecosystems they share.

For the future of elephants!

Elephants are a keystone species in the ecosystems they are part of. Elephants disperse seeds, maintain grasslands and find water, all crucial for the survival of other species.

The mission of Bring The Elephant Home is to increase the chances of survival for elephants
in the wild and strive towards a
harmonious world where both humans and elephants can thrive, mutually benefiting from

We need your help

We always welcome partners, volunteers, donors and sponsors for our projects. Please consider participating in one of our initiatives or supporting our mission by making a donation. You can follow the latest news here.

Meet the team

Bring The Elephant Home is active on three continents. There is a lot of work to do for our various projects around the world, and we help to realise our ambitious plans is always welcome! More info: volunteer@bteh.org. Meet the team!

Latest news

New Field Program South Africa: Sept 2-11 2024

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Series of Adventures in Ruam Thai Village as a visiting researcher

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  • Notes from the Field - South Africa 🐘🇿🇦
"After a challenging morning filled with stubborn collars and elusive elephants, our patience was rewarded. As the afternoon sun warmed the savannah, we were greeted by a beautiful gathering at the watering hole. Observing their complex behaviors and collecting valuable dung samples made every moment worth it. Here's to the small victories in conservation! 🐘💧🌿

Join us in September! 
#ElephantConservation #ConservationResearch #KariegaGameReserve #AfricanElephant"
  • 💩 Are you feeling pooped at the end of a long week? So are we! 🐘

In South Africa, we have been analyzing elephant dung as a noninvasive way to gauge an elephant’s stress level. If dung can be collected within 45 minutes of deposit, volunteers measure the circumference of two boluses, take samples from three, and prepare them for analysis. 

👉 Want to get involved? Tap the link in our bio to join our next field program in September 2024 at Kariega Game Reserve. It’s your chance to make a difference!

📷 Photos By: Lesli Woodruff

#ElephantConservation #ConservationResearch #KariegaGameReserve #AfricanElephant
  • Come along with our team for a day of elephant and bee research in Thailand!
  • 🌸🐘💧🎉Happy Songkran from all of us at Bring the Elephant Home!

Songkran is a time of renewal, reflection, and rejoicing with family and friends. It reminds us of the importance of water - not just for us but for all living beings. May your Songkran be filled with laughter, joyous water splashes, and the warm company of loved ones.

#Songkran2024 #HappySongkran #BringTheElephantHome #ElephantConservation #ThaiNewYear #WaterConservation #ProtectOurPlanet
  • Exciting news from the fields! 🌿🔬 Our work and research with elephant-friendly crops continue to make progress! We have partnered with brilliant minds from the Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Program at King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), Bangkok, to delve into the world of soil microbiology.

This collaboration aims to unravel the complex microbial communities that play a crucial role in the health and productivity of crops and the ecosystems humans and elephants call home. Through comprehensive analysis, we aspire to understand the impacts of different agricultural practices on human-elephant interactions, microbial diversity, and soil health. This knowledge will allow us to enhance our crop cultivation strategies and promote more sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices. 

Stay tuned as we continue our work with crops for human-elephant coexistence! Huge thanks for the support and collaboration on this work, @love.kmutt 

#SustainableAgriculture #SoilHealth #AlternativeCrops #KMUTT #ResearchCollaboration #alternativecrops
  • 🌑✨ Missed the Solar Eclipse? We've Got You Covered! ✨🌑

While the moon plays hide-and-seek with the sun and Thailand sits in the waiting room, we’ve got just the thing to light up your day (or night)! Our elephant-friendly coexistence candles🕯️ because who says you need the sun for a little illumination?

Whether you're looking to bring a twinkle back into your evening or need an excuse to enjoy some ambient lighting (as if the universe turning off the lights wasn't reason enough), our candles promise to brighten your spirits.

So, let’s not dwell on the cosmic FOMO. Grab a candle, light it up, and bask in the glow of your own personal 'eclipse.' The universe might play hard to get, but our candles are here for you; no celestial alignment is required. 😉

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