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BTEH is dedicated to the well-being and survival of African and Asian elephants, fostering socio-ecological resilience in communities seeking human-elephant coexistence, and striving for a world where both elephants and people can thrive. Our community-based conservation approach, developed since BTEH’s founding in 2004, emphasises shared decision-making, sustainability, equality, and partnerships. Through our projects, we promote evidence-based solutions that achieve human-elephant coexistence through range expansion, habitat restoration and supporting farmers in elephant-friendly livelihoods and land use, generating benefits for people, elephants and the ecosystems they share.

For the future of elephants!

Elephants are a keystone species in the ecosystems they are part of. Elephants disperse seeds, maintain grasslands and find water, all crucial for the survival of other species.

The mission of Bring The Elephant Home is to increase the chances of survival for elephants
in the wild and strive towards a
harmonious world where both humans and elephants can thrive, mutually benefiting from

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We always welcome partners, volunteers, donors and sponsors for our projects. Please consider participating in one of our initiatives or supporting our mission by making a donation. You can follow the latest news here.

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Bring The Elephant Home is active on three continents. There is a lot of work to do for our various projects around the world, and we help to realise our ambitious plans is always welcome! More info: volunteer@bteh.org. Meet the team!

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Annual report 2023

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Introducing our New Thailand Country Director: Khwankhao “Kimmim” Sinhaseni!

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New Field Program South Africa: Sept 2-11 2024

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  • 🎉 ขอเชิญทุกท่านร่วมงานเทศกาลพืชทางเลือก ในวันเสาร์ที่ 29 มิถุนายน 2567 ตั้งแต่เที่ยงจนถึงหกโมงเย็น ณ ศูนย์โอทอป บ้านรวมไทย ภายในนี้ทุกคนจะได้เรียนรู้เกี่ยวกับพืชทางเลือก หรือ ว่าพืชที่ช้างไม่กิน และ อยากจะเชิญชวนทุกคนให้เข้าร่วมโครงการพืชทางเลือกของเรา

ภายในงาน จะมีอาหารฟรี ดนตรีสด  และ กิจกรรมให้ทุกท่านได้ร่วมสนุกอีกมากมาย ตลอดงาน

โอกาสดีๆแบบนี้มีครั้งเดียว! ย้ำอีกครั้ง ในวันเสาร์ที่ 29 มิถุนายน 2567 ตั้งแต่เที่ยงจนถึงหกโมงเย็น
  • 🌱🐘 Huge Milestone Alert! 🌟 This week, we've reached a pivotal moment in our journey towards promoting human-elephant coexistence through alternative cropping. Despite the brutal heatwave and drought conditions, the dedicated farmers of Kuiburi have shown incredible resilience. 🌾💪

Thanks to the much-needed rains, we're thrilled to announce that we've sent our first samples of lemongrass to a factory buyer right here in Thailand! 

Navigating and accessing viable markets has been one of our toughest challenges, but seeing our efforts come to fruition is truly rewarding. As we move towards the full harvest and wrap up the first year of this groundbreaking study, we promise to keep you posted on every step!

Stay tuned for more updates, and join us in cheering on these amazing farmers! 🌍🙌

#HumanElephantCoexistence #SustainableFarming #LemongrassProject #ConservationSuccess
  • 🌿 Last month, we had the opportunity to meet with officials from Thailand’s Department of National Parks Wildlife and Plant Conservation, the Forestry Department, and the immense honor of joining a special session of Parliament to discuss the future of human-elephant coexistence in Thailand. 

The warm reception and insights we received are invaluable in enhancing our efforts. We’re excited for the future and thankful for the opportunity to join, share, and collaborate in these conversations. 🐘🇹🇭 #Conservation #HumanElephantCoexistence #InnovativeResearch
  • 🐘🌍 Exciting Elephant Research Update! Our recent GPS tracking data reveals that elephants within a fenced reserve demonstrate clear seasonal movement patterns. During winter months, they predominantly occupy southern regions, while in spring, they migrate to northern areas. This behavior highlights the critical need for habitat diversity within conservation zones. Thank you to Sally House for GIS assistance!

Would you like to participate in our elephant research in South Africa? We have one spot left in our Field Program from September 2 to 11, 2024. Check the link in our bio!
  • 🎉🐘✨ What started as a creative art and science project among students and artists at Chiang Mai University turned into a journey of conservation and awareness! 🌿🌍

After a pit stop for a logistical check at Elephant Parade in Chiang Mai, the journey of our beautifully crafted elephant statue began 🚚💨 Last week, the statue arrived at Bring The Elephant Home's Field Office, located at the border of Kuiburi National Park. Here, surrounded by the serene beauty of nature, the elephant statue stands proudly as an ambassador for the wild elephants that roam freely just a few hundred meters away. 🌳🐘💚

This project symbolizes the incredible impact we can achieve when we come together for a cause greater than ourselves. Many thanks to everyone involved in bringing this elephant home! Especially the dedication and artistry of individuals like PhD researchers Kelsey Merreck Wagner, artists Pietro Lo Casto, Ruangsak Anuwatwimon, Jeanette Brüske Woelinga, and the Elephant Parade team. 🎨👏

#BringTheElephantHome #ElephantParade #ConservationJourney #WildlifeProtection #CommunityEffort #ArtForConservation #KuiburiNationalPark #Teamwork
  • 🌟 Introducing our New Thailand Country Director: Khwankhao “Kimmim” Sinhaseni! 

We are thrilled to welcome Kimmim to the Bring the Elephant Home family as our new Thailand Country Director. Kimmim, whose name means “black” in Northern Thai, is in the final stages of her PhD at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia. Her research focuses on the value of ecosystem services in tropical fruit production, emphasizing wildlife conservation and habitat restoration.

With a rich background in conservation, Kimmim has dedicated three years as the Executive Director of the Bird Conservation Society of Thailand. She has led numerous projects to protect migratory birds and threatened species like the spoonbill sandpiper and spotted greenshank while also promoting public awareness. Before this, she worked as an education officer and researcher at the Forest Restoration Research Unit at Chiang Mai University.

During her PhD journey, Kimmim contributed to Griffith International as a mentor for international students and served as a Brisbane International Ambassador in 2016, promoting student life in Brisbane. Her passion for teaching and education programs is evident through her role as a sessional lecturer, where she educates Thai and international students on wildlife conservation and political ecology.

A skilled science communicator, Kimmim won the FrameLab competition organized by the British Council in 2021. Her diverse experiences and unwavering commitment to conservation make her a perfect fit for our mission at Bring the Elephant Home.

Join us in welcoming Kimmim to our team! 🌿🐘✨ #BringTheElephantHome #Conservation #WildlifeProtection #EcosystemServices #WelcomeKimmim