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BTEH is dedicated to the well-being and survival of African and Asian elephants, fostering socio-ecological resilience in communities seeking human-elephant coexistence, and striving for a world where both elephants and people can thrive. Our community-based conservation approach, developed since BTEH’s founding in 2004, emphasises shared decision-making, sustainability, equality, and partnerships. Through our projects, we promote evidence-based solutions that achieve human-elephant coexistence through range expansion, habitat restoration and supporting farmers in elephant-friendly livelihoods and land use, generating benefits for people, elephants and the ecosystems they share.

For the future of elephants!

Elephants are a keystone species in the ecosystems they are part of. Elephants disperse seeds, maintain grasslands and find water, all crucial for the survival of other species.

The mission of Bring The Elephant Home is to increase the chances of survival for elephants
in the wild and strive towards a
harmonious world where both humans and elephants can thrive, mutually benefiting from

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Bring The Elephant Home is active on three continents. There is a lot of work to do for our various projects around the world, and we help to realise our ambitious plans is always welcome! More info: volunteer@bteh.org. Meet the team!

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What an incredible weekend at our Alternative Crop Festival!

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Exciting news from Kuiburi!

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  • We’re excited to welcome Sateesh, a visiting researcher with our close collaborator @trunksnleaves, to our field site in Thailand!

Sateesh, a PhD student at the University of California San Diego, is here to advance our research on elephant behavior and the use of alternative crops to reduce negative interactions with farmers.

Collaboration is crucial in the quest for human-elephant coexistence. It’s inspiring to exchange ideas and learn about complementary efforts in Sri Lanka! Despite the torrential but much-needed rain, Sateesh and our team have been busy deploying camera traps and conducting drone surveys in farms across the community.
  • 🌶️🌿🐘 It's Tom Yum Tuesday! We're thrilled to share that three fabulous new shops have joined our mission to support locally-made, elephant-friendly products. Stop by and explore our unique offerings at:
- My Honey Pie Coffee Shop in Hua Hin 📍 @my_huahin
- Kyut Boutique in Phuket 📍 @kyut__boutique
- Flo186 in Phuket 📍 @flo186phuket

Come taste, explore, and enjoy—each purchase supports our elephants and local communities! 🐘💚 #SupportLocal #ElephantFriendly
  • 👋 Meet Marisa Phringphroh (Kie), another new member of our team! Kie is also an alumnus of the Conservation Ecology Program at King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) and previously assisted BTEH with our wild elephant research across Thailand. 

Kie is an Ecologist with a vast skill set and knowledge of biodiversity and soil health. Specifically, she is an expert on Thailand's birds! 🪺 

Help us welcome Kie to the BTEH team as she helps us advance our understanding of how our projects affect and can better support ecosystem health and functioning!
  • Meet our newest team member, Natsuda Sutthiboriban (Mo)! Mo graduated from the Conservation Ecology Program at King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) and has conducted extensive research across Thailand on elephant habitat suitability, behavior, and crop foraging activity. She previously assisted BTEH with our wild elephant research in Northern Thailand.

Recently, Mo published a paper titled "Factors Affecting Crop Damage by Elephants in the Buffer Zone of Huai Kha Khaeng, a World Heritage Site." You can read it here: https://doi.org/10.1071/PC23061.

We are thrilled to have Mo join our team and contribute to advancing our wild elephant research projects! Please join us in welcoming Mo to the BTEH family!
  • 🌧️💪☀️ Rain or shine, the SFS students are dedicated to getting the job done! Last week, @thesfs_cambodia helped prepare a new alternative crop field by measuring plots, marking quadrants, and planting Sun Hemp seeds.

Sun Hemp is excellent for restoring soil depleted by pineapple crops, enriching the soil with essential nutrients, and improving its overall health.

We’re also exploring an exciting new project involving the use of Biochar combined with alternative crops for soil improvements and potential climate mitigation. Stay tuned for more updates!

A huge thank you to SFS for their hard work and support! 🌱🌍
  • 🌱🐘🐝 We're thrilled to share a snapshot of the impactful visit by the dedicated students from the School for Field Studies (SFS) Cambodia to our field site in Kuiburi, Thailand. This continued collaboration is vital in supporting our research efforts and capacity to examine novel solutions for human-elephant coexistence! 

🔬 Microbial Soil Analyses in Alternative Crop Farms
The SFS team embarked on a guided study to analyze microbial diversity in the soils of farms cultivating various alternative and traditional crops. By examining the biodiversity, structure, and nutrient content of the soil, the students aimed to uncover insights into how less chemically dependent farming practices might bolster overall biodiversity and soil health. This hands-on research is crucial for understanding how alternative crops can benefit our farming communities and local ecosystems.

🐝 Advancing Beehive Elephant Coexistence Studies
In an extension of our 'Bee the Change' project, SFS students also played a key role in enhancing and evaluating our beehive fence initiatives. With their assistance and valuable insights, we are diving deeper into the use of both Asian Honey Bees and Stingless Bees, along with a bee alarm pheromone blend, to naturally deter elephants. 

Thank you to @thesfs_cambodia , our local partners, and everyone involved in making this collaboration a success!

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