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We need to act now

Worldwide, elephants are struggling for survival. People intrude on their habitat; their food, water and migration routes disappear. To survive, elephants are forced to search for food and water outside of protected areas, resulting in conflicts between elephants and people.

For the future of elephants!

Elephants are a keystone species in the ecosystems they are part of. Elephants disperse seeds, maintain grasslands and find water, all crucial for the survival of other species.

The mission of Bring The Elephant Home is to create a world where people and elephants can thrive by promoting social-ecological resilience and conservation action that respects and incorporates the knowledge and values of local people.

We need your help

We always welcome volunteers, donors and sponsors for our projects. Please consider participating in one of our initiatives or supporting our mission by making a donation. You can follow the latest news here.

Meet the team

Bring The Elephant Home is active on three continents. There is a lot of work to do for our various projects around the world, and we help to realise our ambitious plans is always welcome! More info: [email protected]. Meet the team!

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  • Do you have a degree in or are you studying wildlife, environmental, conservation science, or a related field, and are you fluent in Thai and English? PhD researcher Brooke Friswold is recruiting a field assistant for the critical elephant behavior research she is conducting in Kuiburi National Park. 
Check out the link to this unique opportunity in our bio!

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  • As for the elephants, our research volunteers described their experience with us as magical, peaceful, awesome and grateful to observe and appreciate nature. An elephant never forgets. Neither will they. Read their full testimonials and the Elephant Research Program of Oct 2023 in the link in our bio. 

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  • The endangered Asian elephant faces threats from habitat loss and human-elephant conflict, as deforestation destroys their habitats. On the other hand, many farmers grow crops that attract elephants, resulting in negative interactions and economic risks for both farmers and elephants.

To address this issue, the Tom Yum project supports local farmers in growing aromatic plants like chillies, lemongrass, galangal, lime, garlic, and cilantro without pesticides. These crops help deter elephants and provide a sustainable source of income for farmers. The project uses the pesticide-free crop yield to create a range of eco-friendly handmade products, each with a unique conservation story. Join us in supporting the Tom Yum project and promoting sustainable farming practices for the conservation of Asian elephants.

If you are interested in Tom Yum Project, here are the links to our online shop! 
  • Thai Elephant Day is a special day dedicated to the conservation and protection of elephants in Thailand. It is celebrated annually on March 13th. This day was established in 1998 by the Thai government and various organizations dedicated to the protection of elephants.

Elephants have been an important part of Thai culture for centuries, and they have played a significant role in Thailand's history, religion, and tradition. 

This year in Ruam Thai Village, WWF Thailand and BTEH jointly donated 100 flashlights each, providing a total of 200 flashlights to farmers in three villages to aid them in guarding their farms during the night. Furthermore, we extended our support by providing funds for the annual habitat restoration activities at Kuiburi National Park and to the Kui Buri Network for Human-Elephant Coexistence, a community-led initiative, to repair and extend an elephant deterrent trench along the community's border with the protected area.

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  • This women’s day is dedicated to all the brave and brilliant women that participated in our last elephant field program!✨🐘💪🏼

What did we do these days?

🔘Using the Zoomonitor app, we collected behavior observations of elephants in their natural habitat without any interruptions.

🔘Using the Kariega Elephant ID-kit we have developed, we identified which elephant we are observing.

🔘As soon as we saw an elephant defecating, we took measurements of the dung and took samples for hormonal analysis.

🔘We finished with the processing of all data to contribute to the ongoing research on the well-being of elephants before and after range expansion.

🎥: @dra.katherinegamboa 

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  • Looking for a unique and relaxing scent that not only helps you unwind but also helps protect our beloved elephants? Look no further than our Kui Buri candle! This one-of-a-kind candle is made by a group of innovative farmers on the border of Kuiburi National Park, who have blended the oils of lemongrass, citronella and kaffir lime to create a soothing scent that represents their hometown. 

Made with soy wax and natural ingredients, this candle is not only eco-friendly, but it also helps support local farmers and conservation efforts. So why wait? Get your hands on our Kui Buri candle today and experience the perfect blend of relaxation and environmental consciousness!

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