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BTEH is dedicated to the well-being and survival of African and Asian elephants, fostering socio-ecological resilience in communities seeking human-elephant coexistence, and striving for a world where both elephants and people can thrive. Our community-based conservation approach, developed since BTEH’s founding in 2004, emphasises shared decision-making, sustainability, equality, and partnerships. Through our projects, we promote evidence-based solutions that achieve human-elephant coexistence through range expansion, habitat restoration and supporting farmers in elephant-friendly livelihoods and land use, generating benefits for people, elephants and the ecosystems they share.

For the future of elephants!

Elephants are a keystone species in the ecosystems they are part of. Elephants disperse seeds, maintain grasslands and find water, all crucial for the survival of other species.

The mission of Bring The Elephant Home is to increase the chances of survival for elephants
in the wild and strive towards a
harmonious world where both humans and elephants can thrive, mutually benefiting from

We need your help

We always welcome partners, volunteers, donors and sponsors for our projects. Please consider participating in one of our initiatives or supporting our mission by making a donation. You can follow the latest news here.

Meet the team

Bring The Elephant Home is active on three continents. There is a lot of work to do for our various projects around the world, and we help to realise our ambitious plans is always welcome! More info: volunteer@bteh.org. Meet the team!

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Twisting collars on male elephants in shrub terrain

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  • πŸ˜πŸ’š Join Our Elephant Conservation Expedition! 🌍✨
March 5-14, 2024 | Kariega Game Reserve, South Africa
Are you passionate about making a real change for elephants? Dive into an unforgettable adventure with Bring The Elephant Home and Kariega Game Reserve in South Africa! 🌿🐾
- Track and identify wild elephants
- Engage with cutting-edge conservation technology
- Contribute to vital research by collecting data and samples

🚨 We have a last-minute opportunity to work alongside expert ecologists, rangers, and researchers. Gain hands-on experience in elephant conservation, enjoy regular game drives, and immerse yourself in the breathtaking wilderness. 🌳🦁

Apply now to make a difference and explore the heart of wildlife conservation!
πŸ”— bit.ly/42VY1C7 

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  • The Tom Yum Project Team is thrilled to share our first amazing tour in collaboration with @feastthailand! 🌟 It was more than just a day filled with joy and laughterβ€”it was a deep dive into knowledge sharing, understanding the delicate balance of human-elephant coexistence, exploring alternative livelihoods, and harnessing local knowledge to develop sustainable, elephant-friendly products. πŸ˜πŸ’š

A huge shoutout to everyone who joined us and contributed to this enlightening experience! Your enthusiasm and participation are what make these events so special. 🌈✨

Feeling inspired? Join us for our next adventure and be a part of the change! For more information on how you can get involved, visit: https://feastthailand.com πŸŒπŸ‘£

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  • β€œThe problem of wild elephants coming down to damage crops in the local community of Ban Rae is increasing” - The voice of concern from local community leaders who reflect on the situation of wild elephants in their area.

Ban Rae, Than Toh District, Yala Province, is a small district bordering Kedak, Malaysia 

On February 7-8, a field trip was organized by local community leaders and the Ban Rae sub-district administration organization to open up an exchange area and share lessons learned on local management of wild elephants, mechanisms for community participation in coexistence between people and elephants. 

The wild elephant management outside conservation area, led by the Community Enterprise Network and Bring The Elephant Home, conducted a coexistence walk to explore and adapt agricultural practices for peaceful coexistence with wild elephants. Mechanisms for elevating alternative occupations and relief funds, such as the Tom Yum project and alternative crops, were discussed.

Bring The Elephant Home would like to express our gratitude for the cooperation of all parties in this occasion and extend our encouragement to the communities facing the challenges of human-elephant conflict.
  • πŸ”Š Sound on!🐘
Thanks to our fantastic research team, we have captured incredible footage of elephants in some of Thailand’s most remote northern forests using camera traps! Do you hear those squeaks? Elephants produce a wide range of sounds for communication! 

Squeaks can serve several purposes: 
πŸ’¬ General Communication 
πŸ’˜ Bonding 
⚠️ Danger
πŸ› Play 
πŸ—ΊοΈ Navigation

Elephants produce sounds through their larynx, but they can also modulate sounds using their trunks. Elephants have a sophisticated system of communication! 

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  • 🐘 We must take action: Human-Elephant Conflict is on the rise here in Thailand πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡­

Swipe ➑️ for the full story through the data and numbers recently released by the Thai Department of National Parks. 🀝 It's time for change. We must promote understanding and implement sustainable solutions to ensure a safe future for humans and elephants.

πŸ’¬ Join the Conversation: Share your thoughts and spread awareness! 
Together, we can make a difference. 🌍❀️ 

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