Our mission

Worldwide, elephants are struggling for survival. People intrude on their habitat; their food, water and migration routes disappear. To survive, they venture on what is now human territory, causing serious conflicts. In the majority of these conflict hotspots, people are struggling too: with poverty, inequality and corruption.

Mission Bring The Elephant Home:

To increase chances of survival for elephants and work towards a world in which people and elephants can live in harmony, benefiting from each other’s existence.

Community engagement

Our conservation projects root in local communities. Usually, the people living near elephants are the most affected, while receiving hardly any benefits from their presence. Equitable and sustainable nature conservation respects their knowledge and values, and makes the benefits and income that elephants can bring accessible to all.

Sustainable long-lasting change

BTEH’s work is characterised by three overarching guidelines: local involvement, a healthy ecology, and benefits for people and elephants simultaneously. They lead to shared decision-making, ownership of local communities, sustainability, gender- and social equality, pride, and a peaceful coexistence of people and animals: the crown jewels of our projects in Asia and Africa.

Conservation needs a vision of a shared future of people and elephants.

Our projects start with discussing the needs and visions of the future of community members.

We discuss paths to the future that participants envision.

We compare and combine the various proposals.

BTEH helps to realise change, along with many partners and volunteers.

We plant trees, test methods to protect elephants, and organise citizen science projects.

Communities install beehive fences to deter elephants from their fields, as elephants are afraid of bees.

Communities organise activities to safeguard elephants, gaining benefits in the process.

Bring The Elephant Home aims for a world where elephants can roam in their natural habitat.

We need your help

Bring The Elephant Home has the ambition of becoming an authority in developing sustainable human-elephant coexistence strategies. We are actively looking for volunteers, donors and sponsors for our projects. Please consider participating in our initiatives or making a donation. Read the personal review of the history of Bring The Elephant Home by founder Antoinette van de Water.

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