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BTEH Challenge: Plant a tree...

help an elephant!

About 300 elephants live in the Thai Kuiburi National Park, one of the largest populations of Asian elephants. There are many conflicts between humans and elephants in the area. For lack of food and habitat, elephants eat crops from farmers. Everything is being tried to stop elephants, for example with floodlights, electric fencing or burning tires. It does not work and it is certainly not animal friendly.

Fortunately, residents of three villages in the area want to do things differently with sustainable solutions. Bring the Elephant Home helps them with this. With beehive fences that exclude elephants. With a center with workshops on sustainable solutions. And by planting and caring of trees. A more suitable living environment will ensure that elephants stay more within the protected area.


Very practical solutions! Money is needed though…

Please donate and help to plant trees for elephants. How nice can it be!
On behalf of the elephants, many thanks for your kind donation! Berrie Jurg

My target amount: € 200 Raised: [text-blocks id=”donation-destination-balance” destination=CHALLENGE_TH_TREES_BERRIE plain=”1″]

Challenge goal: planting and nursing of 5.000 trees
Target amount: € 7.500 Raised: [text-blocks id=”donation-destination-balance” destination=CHALLENGE_TH_TREES plain=”1″]
What can we accomplish together with this amount: Elephant habitats will be more connected and resilient, with increased biodiversity. Restored habitat will be a safe haven for elephants, with more food available and reduced crop-raiding.


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We will receive your name and account number when you make a donation via our web forms. These are personal data that are necessary for the processing of your gift. Bring the Elephant Home Foundation is careful with your personal data. These will not be provided to third parties. We use them to inform you about our activities or to ask for your support. Read more about our privacy policy.


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