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BTEH Challenge: Emily Belonje

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I have been supporting the Bring the Elephant Home Organization since I was very young in Thailand and now, additionally, in The Netherlands. My passion for elephant conservation and sustainable livelihoods for locals is represented through the values and conservation efforts of this organization which motivates me to raise donations for the BTEH Challenge.

Having visited Phuluang Wildlife Research Station in Thailand and witnessed the success of local people’s beehive and chili fences, I hope to raise funds to continue providing the Thai people with this mitigation strategy providing benefits for both elephants and humans.

Video Beehives Thailand

With your support we can achieve this in Thailand!

Challenge goal: Construction of beehive fences (40 hives) to keep elephants away from farmers’ crops

Beehive fences reduce human-elephant conflicts because they keep elephants away from farmers’ plantations. Through the sale of honey, the local community experiences additional from living with elephants. This will increase the appreciation for elephants and healthy ecosystems.

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