BTEH Challenge: Jenna Bissell

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The only way that elephants will survive as a species is if we learn to appreciate the value they bring ecologically, culturally and financially. African women are notoriously strong and have great power and influence within their communities. If we give them a platform from which their voices can be heard, they will play a huge role in deterring future youth from becoming involved in poaching and will convince our communities of the great value and importance that our elephants hold.

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With Your Support We Can Achieve This in Southern Africa!

Challenge goal:  Educate and provide employment for 10 Mozambican women

What we hope to achieve:
Our elephants’ natural habitat is declining! A corridor is essential in their survival. In West Mozambique, we will start a unique mission with ten strong African women. These women will be trained and given the resources to actively manage the corridor. Through workshops and “eye-opener” trips, cooperation, knowledge, these women will become empowered. They will monitor activities within the corridor such as the movement patterns and behaviour of the wild elephants, and keep a watchful eye on poaching! These women will coordinate sustainable solutions that are greatly needed to reduce conflicts, and create a safe environment for both elephants and local communities. The relationship between humans and elephants will improve through the active involvement of these women, their families and network. And more importantly, these women will replace the poachers as role models within the community.

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Bring the Elephant Home foundation is a Dutch charity.


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