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BTEH Challenge: Kim van Dijk

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Community support

I am very impressed with all the work that Bring the Elephant Home does in both Thailand and South Africa. For that reason I became a volunteer of Team NL this year. I was in Africa myself last year and heard personal stories about the conflicts between local people and elephants, and how big the difference is if local people are committed to preserving the elephant. I am therefore very much in favor of training more local people to better protect the elephants.

Thank you for supporting this cause and for sharing this page!

Kim van Dijk

With Your Support We Can Achieve This in Southern Africa!

Challenge goal:  Educate and provide employment for 10 Mozambican women
Together with other organizations, we aim to create a corridor to connect two protected areas in Mozambique to double the habitat of elephants. Within the corridor area, we will start a unique mission with ten women: They will be trained and given the resources to actively manage the corridor. Through workshops and eye opener trips, cooperation, knowledge, and empowerment of these women will be strengthened. They will monitor activities within the corridor, both of elephants and poachers, they will coordinate sustainable solutions to reduce conflicts, and provide information within their community. This ensures that the corridor will be secured and managed. The relationship between humans and elephants will improve through the active involvement of these women, their families and network. And more importantly, these women will replace the poachers as role models within the community.

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