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BTEH Challenge: Workshops, questionnaires

What is going on?

Within seven years, 144,000 African elephants have been killed. Southern Africa is home to over 50% of the African elephant, making this area the last stronghold of the species. The Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park is a 35,000 km² park that transcends multiple country borders. It links the Limpopo National Park in Mozambique, the Kruger National Park in South Africa, the Gonarezhou National Park, Manjinji Pan Sanctuary, and Malipati Safari Area in Zimbabwe, as well as the area between Kruger and Gonarezhou, the Sengwe. Corridors are needed to make the habitat of elephants considerably larger. We want to develop workshops and use questionnaires to exchange knowledge and experience.

Please donate and support this Challenge goal in southern Africa!

Challenge goal:  Workshops ontwikkelen en vragenlijsten uitzetten
Target amount: € 4,000 Raised: [text-blocks id=”donation-destination-balance” destination=CHALLENGE_AF_WORKSHOPS plain=”1″]
What can we accomplish together with this amount: We want to give workshops on beehive fences and honey production, chili screens, and alternative crops. This will not only provide insight into sustainable solutions for human-elephant conflicts, but also contribute to local skills, social cohesion, and knowledge exchange. Through the workshops, community members will obtain the tools and knowledge to initiate their own elephant conservation projects and at the same time realize sustainable, animal-friendly income for the community.

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Bring the Elephant Home foundation is a Dutch charity.


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