Carbon Neutral

We would like to invite the business community to take part in the options we offer for donations. By now it has become clear that we will have to work hard to save whatever nature is left. Reforestation is a necessity. More and more consumers expect a company to take responsibility when it comes to sustainability.

By compensating your CO2 emissions, we can make organizations carbon-neutral. Good for the environment, the elephants, the local population, and for ourselves.

We apply a tree-planting-method, developed by the University of Chiang Mai, which is dedicated to enhancing biodiversity in the most efficient way possible. The trees are being planted in a protected area, and are not permitted to be cut down. We plant trees in Thailand, but also in Cambodia and Borneo. For example, in Borneo, old palm tree plantations are left as wasteland. We buy and plant these hectares anew, in cooperation with other environmental organizations. This way, a new forest and living space for animals is being created.

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Keystone species

Wild elephants naturally take care of the forest, and they create more biodiversity. What makes it special: the elephant is a keystone species. It also creates a better habitat for other animal and plant species. His droppings are the perfect fertilizer and contain many seeds: the seeds for new growth. With his tusks he digs into water where other animals also benefit. The elephants eats only vegetable: he leaves in trees and bushes traces allowing insects and reptiles thrive.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about elephants destroying your trees. They have their own preferences!

The presence of elephants makes a forest more vital and healthier,
which makes trees more capable of storing CO2

Since BTEH is a financially independent organization, and is not subsidized, donations are our main source of income. Since late 2013, we offer donation options to companies. Several companies have already found us and support our projects. We are grateful that this allows BTEH to keep improving and to continue, among other things, to plant new forests in Asia.


The participating companies will receive regular updates about the project through photographs and a map with the exact location. You can use this data for your annual report, intranet, newsletters, and website. This is certainly good news for your network. Good for your image, for the involvement of your employees, and what’s more, it increases the loyalty of your customers.

Of course, your company will be mentioned in our communications. By way of thanks you will receive a beautiful poster of the Trees for Elephants project with the name and logo of your company.

In the tropics, trees store twice as much CO2 than trees in Europe
Therefore it is more effective to plant trees in tropical countries as Thailand
Reforestation projects in Thailand are far cheaper than in the Netherlands

More information about reforestation can be found on the page Plant Trees for Elephants.

Contact us for more information about corporate sponsoring: Antoinette van de Water through

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