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Please support Tracey Snape's Ice Challenge!

I have taken on the Ice Challenge! My goal is to join the Wim Hof And Bring the Elephant Home Ice Challenge fundraiser, in Thailand from December 18-20, 2019. Our aim is to raise funds to ensure peaceful coexistence between wild elephants and people. All proceeds of the Ice Challenge will be used by Bring the Elephant Home to reach concrete goals that will help both Asian and African Elephants!

Please support my Ice Challenge with a donation through the webform below. Thank you so much! Tracey Snape

Why am I taking on the Ice Challenge?
I am attracted to Wims healing of the body and mind, plus extending past boundaries of what seems possible. I have watched his studies on stopping infection within the body. Knowing that the human body and mind is capable of far more than what is currently accepted by western medicine.

My goal
I have been on a healing journey myself and I am exploring energy work. I practice yoga and qigong and I want to add Wim’s method to it. I am fascinated with Wim’s method and connection and I would like to experience it with like-minded people while helping the elephants. I saw a statistic that 100 elephants are killed each day by poachers. Which shocked me to the core. I wanted to help in some small way and then this crowdfund came up. This Crowdfunder seems like the ideal combination of healing self and the planet. I would hope that we go past the funding target.

I also enjoy swimming in the sea in the UK and recently my tolerance for the cold has gone down. I’m hoping the ice challenge will help me address this. I would like to strengthen my ability with the cold as well as connecting spiritual during the practice. Breathwork is key and I am interested in learning to harness this during the practice.

My personal target: € 1.099 Raised so far:[text-blocks id=”donation-destination-balance” destination=CHALLENGE_ICE_TRACEY plain=”1″]
Please support my Ice Challenge! All donations, small or big, are very welcome!

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