Adopt Asian elephants

As an adoptive parent, you will not only provide better conservation of Asian elephants, but our research will also contribute to sustainable solutions that will benefit elephants and people living with elephants in Thailand. You will regularly receive updates about our findings and the behaviour of the elephants we study.

  • Create a better understanding of the cause of problematic elephant behaviour.
  • Create and promote non-violent community-based solutions that are scientifically tested.
  • Along with other researchers, we will study the complexity of human-elephant coexistence.
  • And we will implement innovative methods that benefit elephants and people.

Increasing human-elephant conflicts is one of the greatest elephant conservation challenges in Africa and Asia. Underlying causes of problematic elephant behaviour are for example habitat fragmentation, restriction of movement, disrupted social units, or human pressures. Escalating conflicts result in property damage, injuries and sometimes the death sentence for elephants. Is there no other way? Our aim is to look for alternatives, for peaceful ways to make sure people and elephants can live together in harmony.

Join the Asian elephants adoption program!

You can become an Asian elephant adoptive parent for a minimum donation of 60 euro per year or 5 euro per month.

  • You will receive a welcome video from David Owen,
  • Regular exclusive updates on our findings and the lives of the Asian elephants of our project sites,
  • Diverse materials, such as photographs, videos and information about developments of the project.
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