My dance floor isn't complete without your support

Join the Symphony: Fueling Change for Elephants and Humans in Harmony. In the grand dance between humans and elephants, I’m on a mission to ensure both get their groove under the sun. Picture this: my childhood was a wild ride in the Elephant kingdom of Western Ghats, India. Tales of majestic encounters from my father’s estate echoed through my upbringing, weaving a connection that’s become the heartbeat of my existence – a beat dedicated to the well-being and conservation of these incredible beings. My dance floor isn’t complete without your support!

Harin Aiyanna. C. R. PhD, MSc Forest Science. TESAF Department of Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry

I’ve been a foot-soldier in the epic battle against human-elephant conflict, being in the field with the Wildlife Research and Conservation Society. It’s there I learned the raw truth about habitat degradation and its tough love on mega-herbivores. During my master’s thesis at Wageningen University and Research, I dove deep into the intricacies of how forest heterogeneity effects elephant movements, and you’ve got me – a dancing conservationist ready to tango with restoring nature’s harmony.

Now, here’s the showstopper: I’ve got a golden ticket to South Africa, courtesy of Brooke Friswold
and Antoinette van de Water’s magic at the Kariega Conservation Center. This dreamy opportunity
aligns perfectly with my lifelong commitment, and I’m gearing up for an adventure to document the
wild moves of African Elephants.

But my dance floor isn’t complete without your support. Your contribution won’t just fuel my journey; it’ll be the encore for a cause that safeguards these majestic creatures for generations. Get ready to join me in a captivating performance for elephant conservation – where every step we take ensures a harmonious rhythm for humans and elephants alike. Creating a symphony of change together, let’s make it a dance to remember!

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