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Tom Yum - New project!

Too spicy for elephants!

Bring The Elephant Home proudly presents a new project: Tom Yum. The project is named after the spicy, healthy Thai soup, of which the ingredients (chilli, garlic, lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime, onion, coriander) are all disliked by elephants. Farmers continue their traditional way of life using their existing skills but instead of attracting elephants to their land, they now deter elephants in a natural and animal-friendly way. The crops can be used not only for the popular Tom Yum soup but also for a variety of niche products, all with a unique story! By developing and promoting these unique products, the community will benefit economically, socially, culturally and ecologically from this project.

The Tom Yum project benefits elephants, nature and humans!

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