Planting and harvesting

An exciting and exhausting day under a bright sunny -hot- sky. We finished planting all 5 local plots! That is 1.000 citronella and 1.000 lemongrass crops. Thank you all for joining!

To promote human-elephant coexistence in Thailand, we support farmers to grow crops that are disliked by elephants, instead of mono-crops that impact biodiversity and attract elephants. The Tom Yum project helps to diversify local livelihoods, create employment for rural people, and protect the ecosystems on which we all depend.

This project is locally planned and implemented, thus we are excited to see the long-term sustainability of this community-based conservation initiative! To support this project and these local heroes, please visit our Elephant & Co webshop! We have candles and soap for sale, and are developing tea, essential oils and other products. So many things to choose from!

We’re collecting our first major harvest of lemongrass and citronella from the Tom Yum project experimental plot! Part of the yield will be used by community members to make elephant-products and the rest is replanted in five experimental plots which will be studied to determine the economic, social and ecological outcomes of the project.

Special thanks to our Activity Coordinator, Som, and our Field Supervisor, Oh, who planned the study, coordinated crop maintenance, collected and analyzed data, managed the product making and shipping, and found and prepared plots for the next phase of the project.

Please support the Tom Yum project!

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