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Please support Jacqueline

Hey, I’m Jacqueline, a 27 year old biologist from Germany who wants to support conservation projects all other the world with my knowledge about ecology and scientific research. For my next project I need some help from you by supporting me and the new field station of ‘Bring the Elephant Home’ (BETH) in South Africa providing educational and scientific work around the African elephants in the future.

Elephants are of high importance for our world, as they represent a keystone species for most Asian and African ecosystems. But they are threatened by the Human Elephant Conflict (HEC), leading to a decline of elephants of 62 % over the last decade. Therefore, conservation projects which provide education, research and the protection of land are of high importance for the survival of the species. But due to the fact that these conservation projects are most of the time not funded by the government, they are strongly depending on people like you and me, who either can give financial support or work within the project as a volunteer. ‘Bring the Elephant Home’ is a foundation which already does a lot of work around the HEC in Asia and is now moving to South Africa, to support the protection of the African elephant. And I have the great opportunity to be one of the pioneer volunteers for building up the field station!


I need your help

Unfortunately, building up a new field station in the middle of nowhere is accompanied by high costs for building material, research material, food and transportation costs. These are combined with my own costs for the flight, vaccinations and travel insurance. All in all there will be costs of overall 2500€ to go to South Africa and support the field station. For me as a single person it’s not possible to pay this huge amount of money all by myself. But with your help it will be possible!

Every donation will help

Please help me fulfilling my dream to be part of this incredible project. Every donation will help! In return I want to give you something back:

  • For every person who donates at least 20€, I will send a personalized selfmade postcard* as a little thank you.
  • For people donating more then 50€, I will send a small selfmade aquarell painting* of an elephant.
  • *If you prefer to donate anonymously, of course I will no be able to/cannot send you a postcard or self made aquarell.

Thank you so much for your support!

Yes, I will support Jacqueline!

Target amount Jacqueline: € 2.500,00
Raised so far: [text-blocks id=”donation-destination-balance” destination=CHALLENGE_AF_FIELDSTATION_JACQUELINE_ONE_OFF_DONATION plain=”1″]

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