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At the Wim Hof Phangan retreat the Elephant Fundraiser & Ice Challenge event was revealed, I would very much like to experience it again while helping to raise public awareness about the elephants here in Thailand. Seeking to insure these majestic elephants are to be preserved and taken care of rather than them sometimes being sadly exploited. Appreciate everyone’s support.


Please support my Ice Challenge for elephants! My motivation is a peaceful coexistence between animals and humans. “Bring the Elephant Home”  is an amazing project that is protecting the Wild Elephants of Asia and Africa and the Local Communities for a peaceful Coexistence. The project includes planting trees, reforestation, creating corridors to connect Elephant’s habitats. I’m joining the Wim Hof Ice Challenge in Fundraiser in Thailand for this project!


Ice Challenge fundraising – Bring the Elephant Home
An unexpected situation… In October I was cycling at Dak Lak – Vietnam, and after seeing elephant i felt some connection with the elephant. The elephants don’t belong here, his home is the forest. After that I came cross to BRING THE ELEPHANT HOME PROJECT and with the calling of Wim Hof ICEMAN. I’m NGUYEN THANH CHUONG FROM VIETNAM 

I have been on a healing journey myself and I am exploring energy work. I practice yoga and qigong and I want to add Wim’s method to it. I am fascinated with Wim’s method and connection and I would like to experience it with like-minded people while helping the elephants. I saw a statistic that 100 elephants are killed each day by poachers. Which shocked me to the core. I wanted to help in some small way and then this crowdfund came up. This Crowdfunder seems like the ideal combination of healing self and the planet. I would hope that we go past the funding target. Tracey

During our college years, we (Simon and Anna) decided to become volunteers for Bring The Elephant Home. This organisation supports the survival and wellbeing of Asian and African elephants in different ways.
Later, we started with the Wim Hof Method. We did a workshop together in Iceland in the summer of 2019 and that was absolutely amazing. A few months later, we saw the Ice Challenge, bringing two things we love together…  We need your support! Help us raise the money for the wonderful elephants in Asia and Africa! Simon and Anna

I am joining because it is in alignment with my inner truth and I want to put action to my words.  I have never met a more motivated and loving person than Wim Hof. Any effort he is a part of speaks volumes to me as it should everyone reading this. We have on our hands an opportunity to do good. Look in your heart and match the dollar amount to what you feel. I thank you in advance for opening your heart. Dylan

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