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Please support my Ice Challenge!

Please support my Ice Challenge for elephants! My motivation is a peaceful coexistence between animals and humans. “Bring the Elephant Home”  is an amazing project that is protecting the Wild Elephants of Asia and Africa and the Local Communities for a peaceful Coexistence. The project includes planting trees, reforestation, creating corridors to connect Elephant’s habitats. I’m joining the Wim Hof Ice Challenge in Fundraiser in Thailand for this project!


My personal target: € 3.000 Raised so far:[text-blocks id=”donation-destination-balance” destination=CHALLENGE_ICE_TERESA plain=”1″]

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We will receive your name and account number when you make a donation via our web forms. This personal data is necessary for the processing of your donation and in order to secure your spot. Bring the Elephant Home Foundation will handle all personal data with the utmost care and will not distribute your data to third parties. We will use your data to inform you about our ongoing activities or to ask for your support. Read more about our privacy policy.

Bring the Elephant Home foundation is a Dutch charity.


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