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Support Thailand's Rangers

Help keep elephants and communities safe

Whilst everyone is in lockdown because of Covid-19, dedicated volunteer community rangers in Thailand are still risking their lives in order to reduce conflicts between wild elephants and local communities. Please give them your support.


On-call 24/7 the brave teams work tirelessly to keep both local villagers and our beloved elephants safe. Day and night, week after week, month after month, community rangers respond to reports of elephant sightings near the villages to discourage elephants from wandering further into harm’s way.

Desperate need for equipment and supplies

The travel and movement restrictions imposed by lockdown have led to an increase in poaching and illegal logging. Especially now, our wildlife and their habitat are under threat. Rangers play a critical role in protecting wild elephants and in keeping everyone safe. The increase in conflicts and lack of support through ecotourism has resulted in a desperate need for equipment and supplies.

Your donation helps the people in the frontlines of elephant conservation!

David Owen,
Project manager BTEH

Please support the community rangers!

Let’s show our gratitude and support these dedicated community rangers in Thailand. What can be done with your donation?

  • 400 THB / 12 EUR / 13 USD
    Sponsor one hammock with mosquito netting for rangers to use on night patrol.
  • 450 THB / 14 EUR
    Sponsor one headlamp that a ranger can use during night patrols.
  • 1,000 THB / 29 EUR
    Sponsor one raincoat to prepare a ranger for the upcoming wet season. 
  • 2,000 THB / 58 EUR
    Keep a patrol vehicle on the road for a month.
  • 3,600 THB / 100 EUR
    Sponsor a ranger package with all items above.

If you prefer, you can donate directly to our bank account in Thailand or Europe. 

Target amount: 25.000 THB / 750 EUR

We need 52 more donors (14 euro or more each)!

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