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Privacy policy

Effective date: October 09, 2020

If elephants disappear, we will lose a beautiful keystone species that is so important other species and our environment. Elephants are losing their habitat due to logging and increasing human populations. We need to take action now to save elephants for future generations!

Thanks to the support of volunteers and supporters, organizations and businesses, Bring The Elephant Home can work on a future for elephants. In this, we work together and share knowledge with other not-for-profit organizations, businesses and governments, and with other researchers and students.

Bring The Elephant Home is responsible for the careful handling of the personal details we receive. With this privacy declaration – last amended on Oct 9, 2020 – we are informing you about this.

Many thanks for your trust and support for our conservation work!

Bring The Elephant Home Foundation

Van Blankenheimstraat 36

3132 VB Vlaardingen, the Netherlands

Chamber of Commerce: 34216018

Telephone: +31 613477127

E-mail: support@bteh.org

Bring The Elephant Home receives personal information about yourself through, for example, website, email, telephone and social media. Some examples:

  • You participate in an activity of Bring The Elephant Home. We receive your information through forms on our website. Or when you contact us through email, telephone of social media.
  • You participate in our citizen science app HECTOR. We receive your information through a form on the app. Or when you contact us through email, telephone of social media.
  • You make a donation. In this case, we receive your name, address and bank account number through our web forms. We need this information in order to realize your gift.
  • We cooperate on a project, study or internship. We receive your information through our website, telephone, email or during an interview.
  • You wish to stay informed about the activities of Bring The Elephant Home, and subscribe to our email newsletter. We receive your permission with date, your first name, last name and email address. Of course, you can always unsubscribe through the link in every newsletter.

Personal details

Bring The Elephant Home processes – as the case may be – the following categories of personal details:

  • Name and address;
  • Gender;
  • Contact information, such as email address and phone numbers;
  • In case of periodic donations: date and location of birth.


Bring The Elephant Home uses these personal details for:

  • (Lasting) contact with volunteers, supporters, students and others involved;
  • Administrative actions, processing donations;
  • Recruiting (potential) volunteers and supporters;
  • Observing agreements or (other) statutory obligations.


Bring The Elephant Home processes personal details according to at least one of the following bases:

  • Your permission;
  • Carrying out agreements;
  • And legal obligation.

Providing information to third parties

For the above mentioned purposes, Bring The Elephant Home sometimes uses the services of third parties, such as in ICT. In this case personal details are only provided when a processors agreement has been made.

It is possible your personal details are given to third parties when Bring the Elephant Home has to abide to statutory obligations.

Bring the Elephant Home will not give out your personal details for commercial purposes

Children’s Privacy

The HECTOR app does not include participants of under the age of 18 (“Children”). We do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from anyone under the age of 18. If you are a parent or guardian and you are aware that your children have provided us with personal data, please contact us. If we become aware that we have collected personal data from children without verification of parental consent, we take steps to remove that information from our servers.

How long we keep your personal details

Bring the Elephant Home will process your personal details no longer than necessary for the purposes mentioned in this privacy declaration. This means we will keep your personal details for as long as needed to reach the goals in question.

  • If there is a donation or financial agreement involved? In this case Bring the Elephant Home will adhere to the legal retention obligations, such as the fiscal retention obligation. This is seven years after the (last) donation or other contribution.
  • Are you involved with our activities as a volunteer, researcher or student without there being a financial aspect? In this case, we will keep your personal details until four years after the last activities.
  • Has there been contact as part of recruitment, we will keep your details no more than two years.
  • If there is a one-time contact, such as a (volunteer) job application, we will keep your personal details no more than three months.

How we secure your personal details

It is important to us to keep your personal details safe against loss of data or unauthorized access. Bring The Elephant Home has taken appropriate security measures to prevent this.


Bring The Elephant Home does not use profiling.


The website does not use cookies.

Your rights

You have the right to request Bring The Elephant Home to give you access to your personal details. We can refuse your request if we cannot determine your identity. After receiving your request, we will send you a detailed summary of your personal details within a month. If there are inaccuracies, you can request to have your details adjusted, completed, removed or shielded.

If you have questions about this privacy declaration or if you have a request regarding the processing your personal details, please contact:

Berrie Jurg, chair president.

Telephone: + 31 613477127

E-mail: berrie.jurg@gmail.com

If you have a complaint about the processing of your personal details by Bring the Elephant Home, please let us know. If we cannot come to an agreement together, you have the right to file a complaint with the privacy compliance officer, the Personal Authority. For this, please contact the Personal Authority.

Amendments privacy policy

This privacy declaration has last been amended on 9 October 2020. Bring The Elephant Home can change this privacy declaration. New versions will always be published on the website. We advise you to regularly refer to this declaration, in order to stay informed of changes.

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