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Start your own BTEH Challenge?

Start your own campaign and participate in the BTEH challenge to increase the chances of elephants surviving. You can participate in all kinds of ways. You can choose a Challenge goal in Thailand for Asian elephants or a goal in Southern Africa for African elephants.

Step 1 – How will you participate?

You can join the Challenge with a personal action page and ask family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, etc. for donations.

You can participate as a group of friends, colleagues, sports team, school class, etc. with a common campaign.

You can participate as a company and share your campaign page with colleagues, visitors and/or customers.

You can organize a small or large activity and ask visitors for a contribution. For example a benefit concert, a dinner party, a theme night about elephants, Netflix evening watching your favorite series.

Anniversary, reunion, family day or birthday coming up? Register an ask your guests for a voluntary contribution. etc..

You can organize an activity that matches your Challenge goal (step 2). Are you volunteering in a community center in your hometown? You can ask donations for “Development of a Community Coexistence Center”. Is it your profession to give workshops? You can support “Organization of community workshops.” Are you running a hotel? You can choose to support “Homestay program Living with elephants” in Thailand.

So, there are all kinds of possibilities. Every contribution, small or large, is very welcome!

Step 2 – Choose a Challenge goal

In the registration form you can indicate a goal tha you want to raise money for. Do you wish to tell more about your chosen goal in your campaign page? Just copy text about your goal for Asian elephants in Thailand or African elephants in Southern Africa. If you have no preference, you can choose to collect donations for the BTEH Challenge in general.

Step 3 – Register here

Enter your participant name via this registration form as it later will appear on your campaign page. Examples: Alexander Johnson, Name School, Joans birthday, etcetera.

Decribe motivation, personally, as a group or as a company, as shown on your campaign page. Make your motivation short and engaging.

You can choose a goal and indicate a target amount.

You can mention a special activity, add a video hyperlink and/or an image.

You will be notified by e-mail once your page has been created.

Step 4 – Start campaigning for your Challenge

Ask for support for your campaign via social media, whatsapp etc.. You can both ask for donations and sharing your message.

Thank your for participating!

Q & A

Question: Is there an enddate of the BTEH hallenge?
Answer: The Challenge will last until the target amount is achieved. The BTEH Challenge starts around World Elephant Day (12 August). The highlight is the week around World Animal Day, October 4th 2019!

Question: Can I make changes in my page?
Answer: Please send an e-mail to support@bteh.org, and mention the change in detail. We’ll try to change it as soon as possible

Question: Can I see contact details of donors?
Answer: No. But if your campaign makes it important to know names of donors, we can see what is possible. E-mail: support@bteh.org

Other questions: E-mail support@bteh.org.

Bring the Elephant Home foundation is a Dutch charity.


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