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Strategic plan 2023-2027

In the span of our last strategic plan, BTEH experienced exponential organizational growth. As we transition into the new phase of our strategic plan, encompassing 2023 to 2027, we are channelling our focus and resources towards further advancing our internal structures, management protocols, and human resource systems. Equally important is our dedication to fostering a team culture imbued with collaboration, active learning, unity, and responsibility. Bring The Elephant Home cordially invites you to read our strategic plan 2023-2027.

We are committed to creating an environment where every team member feels appreciated and is propelled to actively contribute to the realization of our goals. As a learning organization, we aim to create a nurturing ground for learning and development, where missteps are not frowned upon but perceived as opportunities for growth. We encourage open dialogue, promoting a culture that stands as a pillar of support for each staff member’s journey. We aim to be always ready to make, understand, and share new ideas and information. We use our experiences to improve and fine-tune our plans, including the fresh viewpoints we constantly pick up.

Bring The Elephant Home is active in several countries with a focus on Asian elephants in Thailand and African elephants in South Africa. We are firmly committed to building strong and meaningful partnerships with communities, funders and donors, NGOs, schools, and other groups. This united effort also includes identifying different ways to fund our projects, which strengthens our support system and positions us for long-term sustainability and meaningful results in the future. We actively involve stakeholders in policy formation and are open to ideas, comments and wishes from stakeholders and third parties. Read more.

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